Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Lovebugs

I was honored when a friend asked me to make cookies for her daughter's 5th birthday. She pretty much gave me free reign to create what I wanted, using a few of her daughter's favorite colors. But my creativity was lacking this weekend, so I was having trouble coming up with something! Go figure, none of my cookie cutters appealed to me! After much consideration, I decided to repurpose one of my heart cutters, and make ladybugs out of it. I am too much of a perfectionist though, and didn't like how the ladybugs were looking so I kept messing with them. Sometimes, you should just leave things alone, you know?

Anyways, I was still unhappy with the ladybugs, so I decided to make them "lovebugs" instead, by making a few minor "detail adjustments". 

The close-ups make me nervous! I'm happy with the end result though, and hopefully you like them too!
Happy Birthday, C!!

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  1. Oh my...these are ADORABLE!!! I'm learning my way around decorated cookies too but yours make mine look like an elementary school project - LOL! Thanks for stopping by Sweet Cheeks and of course for your sweet comment ;)